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Dr. Karyudi – Director of IRRI

We welcome you warmly to the Indonesian Rubber Research Institute website

Indonesian Rubber Research Institute is one of the oldest research institute in Indonesia and it had been established more than 1 century. The history recorded that the rubber research activity was started since the estabishment of Buitenzorg Botanic Garden in 1800s at Bogor.

The competency of Indonesian Rubber Research Institute is contuning to be increased in order to meet the demand of rubber industry in Indonesia.   Indonesian Rubber Research Institute has received KAN and KNAPPP for acreditation of laboratory and reserach and development institution. In 2014, Indonesian Rubber Research Institute had been awarded as Centre of Excellent for Rubber Research in Indonesia by Minister of Research and Technology of Republic of Indonesia.

Some research products that have been developed by Indonesian Rubber Research Institute include IRR 100 1nd 200 series rubber clones, biofungicide to control white root disease, environmentally friendly latex coagulant, intercropping technique, tapping system based on clonal typology, participatory rubber replanting for smallholder. The services activity provided by Indonesian Rubber Research Institute include laboratory analysis (chemistry, physics, tyre testing, soil and leaf, physiology and plant protection), training on rubber technolgy, land suitability assesment, and suprvising the implementation of technology for rubber plantation companies.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that this website can provide information on activities carried by Indonesian Rubber Research Institute, product and technology that have been developed and services that we offer to support rubber industry. For detail information, please explore this website.

Dr. Karyudi

Director of IRRI